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Nordic Solar
- investing in solar energy

With our many years of experience and successful investments in solar parks, we achieve an attractive level of both return and risk to our investors. See the film

Nordic Solar
- investing in the future

Analyzes show that investments into sustainable energy performs better than other investments. Experts predict that solar energy is the sustainable energy of the future. ORDER THE PRESENTATION MATERIAL

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Meet six of our investors here

Kim René Pedersen, Partner in ATRIUM Kapitalforvaltning
Pernille Foss, Board member and impact investor
Tommy Andersen, Founder of byFounders
Jesper Ryby, Founder of Ryby Hvidevarer A/S
Michael Moesgaard, Entrepreneur
Frederik Heegaard, Co-owner of Nørrebro Bryghus

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Nordic Solar management

As an investor, you get access to
2 different investment profiles

Nordic Solar Energy invests in completed solar parks,
and Nordic Solar Global invests in construction-ready solar park projects.

Nordic Solar Energy

Nordic Solar

  • Investment in solar parks throughout Europe

  • Expected return of 6-8% annually

  • The last 6 years annual return averages at 8.5%

  • Annual dividends

  • Low risk

READ MORE ABOUT Nordic Solar Energy
Read the latest annual report

Read the latest annual report

Nordic Solar

  • Investment in development and construction projects of large solar parks

  • Return of 8-12% annually

  • Return in 2019 of 16.5%

  • Return in 2020 of 10.1%

  • Moderate risk

READ MORE ABOUT Nordic Solar Global
Read the latest annual report

Read the latest annual report

Facts about Nordic Solar

Established in 2010

35 employees

Total investments
of 430 EUR mil.

119 parks in nine different countries

400+ shareholders

Return in 2020:
NSE 12.1% and Global 10.1%

Why solar energy?

McKinsey & Company predicts in their “Global Energy Perspective 2019” that more than half of the world’s energy consumption by 2035 comes from sustainable green energy and that by 2050 solar energy will be the largest single energy source. They also estimate that by 2050 USD 12,000 bil. will have been invested in solar energy globally.


Why Nordic Solar?

»It is our strategy to be a little conservative and bring a precautionary consideration when investing in new solar parks. This means, that the cash flows we have bought into, we also achieve. It gives a lot of confidence among investors that we can produce the returns that have been promised. We get the return we should« says Christian Sagild, Chairman of the Board of Nordic Solar.


Frequently asked questions

What are the options to get out of this investment – is there a commitment?

Both companies, Nordic Solar Energy and Global, both have the option to buy back shares. In addition, we have investors on the waiting list who can take over the shares, for which we charge a modest administration fee of 1%.

When can i expect my money to be invested?

Usually between 2-5 months, sometimes even faster. Theoretically, it can take up to 12 months, but that is based on a very conservative assessment.  

What have the historical returns been?

8.5% in Nordic Solar Energy A/S since 2015 14,9% i Nordic Solar Global A/S siden 2019

What is the minimum investment?

The minimum investment in Nordic Solar is EUR 100,000.

How does Nordic Solar calculate the value of the individual solar parks?

The value of the individual solar park is calculated by discounting the future cash flows in the budget to present value. The internal rate of return used for this may vary from country to country, and reflects a realistic assessment of the market return in that country at that time.

How is the share price calculated?

The price is calculated according to the same principle as the valuation of the individual solar park, so that the price at all times best reflects the fair value of the total portfolio of solar parks.

What is the share price in the 2 investment companies right now?
What are the biggest risks when investing in solar energy?

Developments in electricity prices, inadequate due diligence or unrealistic budgets are among the most significant risk. Historically, many solar parks have been subsidized in the form of high settlement prices for electricity production. Any retroactive changes to these subsidies have been the biggest single risk. However, the market is moving very fast towards subsidy-free solar parks, where electricity now, in most countries, is sold on market terms, either from day to day or on longer more predictable contracts. In the future, the development in electricity prices will therefore pose an increasing risk.    

An investment in a solar park is largely based on assumptions and budget prerequisites, and deviations from these can affect future returns. The quality of these budgetary assumptions is thus significant for risk and return. The risk can be minimized through quality in both budgeting and calculation methods, combined with thorough technical, legal and financial pre-analyzes (due diligence).

Can you as a shareholder sell your shares, and what does it cost?

To the extent that the company in question has the liquidity to do so, a shareholder may, without notice* sell their shares back to the company, at the current monthly price less an administration fee of 1%.

Formally, both companies have a general meeting resolution that authorizes the board of directors to buy back shares. In short, the authorization is the option to buy back 10% of the equity to the extent that the company can find the necessary liquidity for it.

It has been agreed with the Board of Directors that Nordic Solar Energy has earmarked EUR 670,000 of a credit in the bank for a possible repurchase, a similar credit is expected to be established in Nordic Solar Global

*For tax purposes, shareholders who wish to sell their shares back to the company must obtain prior approval from SKAT.

How are dividends and returns taxed?
What is the difference between investing with you, compared to your competitors?

Our customers praise us for a straightforward and transparent business model with a fair, market cost structure, where all significant decisions are made in accordance with investors’ wishes and the guidelines set by the Board of Directors. If you compare Nordic Solar with similar companies in the industry, it is especially on the cost side and the realistic estimates and assumptions that form the basis for each individual investment decision that investors highlight as decisive for their choice of partner.


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