Nordic Solar

– experience with solar energy since 2010

Since it’s establishment in 2010, Nordic Solar has focused on solar energy combined with desirable returns. Nordic Solar has come a long way and has now made transactions of over EUR 540 million in 12 different European countries. The ambitions remain great.

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Nordic Solar started with a single solar project, which our founder Nikolaj Holtet Hoff had been made aware of. Because Nikolaj had several years of experience in valuing companies, he therefore naturally made a valuation of this solar project.

It turned out to be extremely interesting with a desirable return, where the biggest risk was the public subsidy. Nikolaj therefore chose to pursue the project, both because it was financially interesting, and because he had a great interest in the green transition, especially solar energy.

Nikolaj Holtet Hoff: »I looked at the project and thought the sun was really interesting. After all, we were not, at the time, sure the world would open their eyes to the green energy, especially solar energy. It was a difficult agenda back then, when wind energy was more dominant. I thought it was an exciting challenge that we could profitably invest in other forms of green energy, such as solar energy.«

Nordic Solar was founded in 2010 with the help of a small group of investors, amongst others with the former Deputy Chairman of the Board Marinus Boogert. It was difficult to raise money at first, but during the first few years, we closed more and more projects, that turned out to be good and healthy investments. From here have gained more committed investors and skilled employees who share the values behind Nordic Solar and the belief in solar energy as a good cause and attractive investment.

Nikolaj Holtet Hoff: »The mission for us both then and now is to create a people’s share – where a lot more people get a real opportunity to buy a stock and invest their money in solar energy in the future.«

Creating a people’s stock is not something you can do overnight or in the establishment phase of a company, but it is something that Nordic Solar is in the process of contruction, and something that is being worked towards consistently and purposefully

»The mission for us, both then and now, is to create a people’s share – so that a lot more people get a real opportunity to buy a stock and invest their money in solar energy in the future.«

Nikolaj Holtet Hoff, CEO

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Nordic Solar A/S

  • Investment in solar energy.
    The minimum investment in Nordic Solar is EUR 100,000.

  • Investment in the development of industrial solar parks

  • Expected return of 7-11% annually*

    *This scenario is an estimate of future performance based on evidence from the past on how the value of this in-vestment varies, and/or current market conditions and are not an exact indicator. What you will get will vary depending on how the market performs and how long you keep the investment/product.
    Recommended holding periode is 20 years.
  • Return the past 7 years averages at 9,3%*

    *Past performance does not predict future returns

  • Annual dividends

  • Geographical diversification across 12 European countries

  • The Management also as co-shareholders

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Board of Directors & Committees

The task of the board of directors is to be a sparring partner to the management and to secure implementation of the company’s investment policy. The board ensures, as the shareholders` representatives, that all investment decisions follow the investment policy.

Christian Sagild
Christian SagildChairman of the Board and the Remuneration and Nomination Committee. Member of the Audit and Risk Committee
Christian has a solid financial background with an education as Actuary from
the University of Copenhagen and has had a long career within the insurance
and pension industries. He was employed by Topdanmark in 1996-2018 and
from 1998 he was the Managing Director of Topdanmark Livsforsikring. From
2009 to 2018, Christian was the CEO of Topdanmark.

Christian now focuses on Board positions and is a Board member of Royal
Unibrew A/S and Ambu A/S, as well as chairman of the Board of Penneo A/S.

Christian is a shareholder in Nordic Solar A/S with 21,530 shares and holds 66,000 warrants.

Iben Mai Winsløw
Iben Mai WinsløwBoard member and member of the Remuneration and Nomination Committee
Iben is a lawyer from the University of Copenhagen and has the right to appear
before the High Court. Iben has been an external lecturer and examiner at the
University of Copenhagen and at the Danish Bar Association.

Iben is the founder and chairman of the board of Winsløw partner company
with expertise in real estate, commercial leasing, and property development.

Iben is chairman of the Board of Zeso Architects A/S, Zeso Alliance A/S, Winsløw partner company as well as Board member of Core Property Bolig IV, and Windspace A/S.

Iben is a shareholder in Nordic Solar A/S with 17,296 shares and holds 33,000 warrants.

Frank Schyberg
Frank Schyberg Board member and member of the Remuneration and Nomination Committee
Frank is the CEO and co-owner of IQ Energy Nordic. IQ Energy Nordic delivers
Energy Management System (EMS) solutions to companies throughout the
Nordic region.

Frank has worked in the banking and insurance industry for 15 years. After that
he worked in the recruitment industry, including as CEO of the Danish Career
Institute and as Nordic Managing Director for Stepstone. Frank has been a
Board member, including chairman of the Board in several Danish organisations
and companies. Frank is a member of the The Danish Management
Society (VL-10).

Frank is a shareholder in Nordic Solar A/S with 29,476 shares and holds 33,000 warrants.

Vibeke Bak Solok
Vibeke Bak SolokBoard member and Chairman of the Audit and Risk Committee
Vibeke has a solid finance and risk background, including education as State
Authorised Public Accountant. She spent 18 years with PwC in Denmark and
Germany and was an audit partner from 2006 to 2013. Today, Vibeke is the
CFO of ATP Ejendomme. Before ATP Ejendomme, Vibeke worked in Danske
Bank as Executive Vice President of Group Financing and as COO for the
Group Risk Management with a broad risk responsibility groupwide.

Vibeke has been a Board member of several Danish, Indian and Norwegian
companies during her time with Danske Bank. Today, Vibeke is a Board member
of Lunar Group and bank, incl. member of the Audit and Risk Committee
and in November First, incl. Chair of the Compliance Committee.

Vibeke holds 33,000 warrants in Nordic Solar.

Christian Dulong Hoff
Christian Dulong Hoff Board member and member of the Audit and Risk Committee
Christian Dulong Hoff has a M.Sc. in economics from the University of
Copenhagen and has had a long business career in Denmark and Norway
within energy and retail. He was CEO of 7-Eleven Denmark from 2000-2006
and the CEO of YX Energi Denmark and Norway from 2006-2010 and chairman
of Nordic Solar Management.

Today, he focuses exclusively on investments in long-term assets and scale-up
companies as well as Board positions. Christian holds the position as Chairman
in Easytranslate A/S, Comadso A/S, Dulong Fine Jewelry A/S, as well as a
Board position in the Semler Group.

Christian is a shareholder in Nordic Solar A/S with 152,302 shares and holds 53,687 warrants.

Executive Management

The Management may not make investments without the Board of Directors having assessed and approved them. The Board of Directors is elected annually at the general assembly.

Nikolaj Holtet Hoff
Nikolaj Holtet HoffCEO
Nikolaj has more than 20 years of experience with investments as well as managing and operating businesses and has worked for AT Kearney, IC Companys,
The Velux Group and SR Private Brands.

Nikolaj holds a Master of Economics from University of Copenhagen. Nikolaj
founded Nordic Solar Energy, Nordic Solar Global and Nordic Solar
Management, that were merged in 2021. Nikolaj is responsible for the day-to-day
operations of Nordic Solar.

Nikolaj is a former Board member in the Semler Group, Dulong Fine Jewelry, Unidrain, chairman of the Board of Nørrebro Brewery, and Ticket to Heaven.

Nikolaj is a shareholder in Nordic Solar A/S with 1,573,387 shares and holds 687,500 warrants.

Anders Søgaard-Jensen
Anders Søgaard-JensenCSO
Anders has more than 10 years’ experience in the Solar industry and has
worked over 30 years with investments, sales, and management. He has
experience as a bond trader from BG Bank and ABN Amro Bank. In addition,
Anders has worked for IBM financial services for many years.

Anders has a degree in market economics and has for the past 10 years been
responsible for building Nordic Solar’s shareholder portfolio, IT infrastructure
and communication platform. Anders is part of the executive management
with the responsibility for client relations, sustainability, and communications
at Nordic Solar. Anders is a former Board member of Nordic Solar

Anders is a shareholder in Nordic Solar A/S with 261,274 shares and holds 119,280 warrants.

Nordic Solar A/S

Based on a desire to create value and growth for shareholders, Nordic Solar operates the business based on our core values: thoroughness, openness and honesty.

We have an extensive network of more than 200 contacts in the solar energy market, built up over many years, so every year we continuously assess new projects for more than EUR 3.3 billion. Nordic Solar has a strong network of European banks and manages today loans of approx. EUR 230 million in more than 25 European banks. The investment team also has extensive experience with repatriation, renegotiation and establishment of financing of solar energy projects.

Nordic Solar strives to be a serious and credible partner for customers, suppliers, and employees. Keywords are openness in working methods, honest communication, and respect for the employees’ balance between work and private life.

Meet our talented team here

The team of Nordic Solar consists of many different good people, with a wide range of disciplines, competencies and experience, both nationally and internationally.

Our employees have extensive experience both in the financial field and in sustainable energy.

The team consists of people with their heart in the right place, they complement each other well with very different personalities.

Meet the whole team behind Nordic Solar

The ambition is to become the Nordic region’s leading solar energy company

Nordic Solar currently has about 300 megawatts in operation or under construction, as well as a strong development portfolio, that on relatively short term will be able to contribute an additional 500 megawatts.

This means that the ambition to own and operate a production of 1 gigawatts – equivalent to the electricity consumption of about half a million households- by 2025, is within reach.

Facts about Nordic Solar

Established in 2010

60+ employees

Total investments
of 535 EUR million

326 MWp production in 12 different countries

650+ shareholders

Annual returns of 9,3%, the past 7 years

Past performance does not predict future returns

Nordic Solar’s portfolio of solar parks

Nordic Solar A/S has both solar parks in operation and construction
projects throughout Europe. You can see more details below.

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