The Board of Directors and Management

of Nordic Solar A/S

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The Board looks after the interests of investors with a focus on risk management, as well as ongoing adaptation of the investment strategy. The key concepts in this work are a long-term, thorough and realistic approach to investment, where the goal is quality rather than quantity.
The board must approve all significant decisions.

Board of Directors

The Board of Directors’ task is to be a sparring partner for the management and to ensure the implementation of the company’s investment policy. As the shareholders’ representatives, the Board ensures that all investment decisions follow the investment policy.

Christian Sagild
Christian SagildChairman of the Board of Directors
Christian has a solid financial background with an education as Actuary from the University of Copenhagen and has had a long career within the insurance and pension industry. He was employed by Topdanmark 1996-2018 and from 1998 he was the Managing Director of Topdanmark Livsforsikring. From 2009-2018 Christian was the CEO of Topdanmark.

Christian now focuses on board positions and have until 2021 been a board member of Danske Bank A/S.

Today Christian is a board member of Royal Unibrew A/S and Ambu A/S, as well as chairman of the board of Penneo and Nordic Solar A/S.

Iben Mai Winsløw
Iben Mai WinsløwBoard member
Iben is a trained lawyer from the University of Copenhagen and a lawyer at the High Court as well as a member of The Bar Council. Iben has been an external lecturer and examiner at the University of Copenhagen and at the Danish Bar Association.

In addition to being the founder of the Solar Energy Committee of the Byggesociet and lawyer for companies in solar cell industry, Iben is also the founder of Winsløw lawfirm with expertise in real estate, commercial leasing and property development.

Iben is chairmand of the board of Zeso Architects A/S, Zeso Alliance A/S, Winsløw Limited partnership company and Winlaw Limited liability company as well as board member of Core Property Management, WindSpace A/S and Nordic Solar A/S.

Iben is an investor in Nordic Solar A/S.

Frank Schyberg
Frank Schyberg Board member
Frank is certified in business insurance from the Academy of Insurance (FOAK level 5, HD) and educated in the banking industry. Frank is the CEO and co-owner of IQ Energy Nordic. IQ Energy Nordic delivers energy-saving solutions to companies throughout the Nordic region.

Frank has worked in the recruitment industry, including as CEO of the Danish Career Institute, as director and senior partner in Signium International, and as Nordic Managing Director for Stepstone.

Frank was previously employed in the financial sector in various management positions and has been a board member, including chairman of the board in several Danish organisations and companies.

Today Frank is a board member of Nordic Solar A/S and he is a member of the VL-group 10 in The Danish Management Society (VL).

Frank is an investor in Nordic Solar A/S.

Vibeke Bak Solok
Vibeke Bak SolokBoard member
Vibeke Bak Solok has a solid financial and risk management background. She is a state-authorized public accountant and has spent 18 years at PwC in both Denmark and Germany, including as audit partner from 2006 to 2013.

Vibeke joined Dansk Bank as Executive Vice President in 2013, where she spent 3 years at Group Finance, where she ended as co-director. Then followed 4 years in the risk management department of Danske Bank, where she ended as COO for the Group’s risk management with a broad responsibility of risk management within the Group.

Vibeke has been a board member of several Danish companies, as well as companies in India and Norway during her time with Danske Bank. From 2018 to 2021 Vibeke was a board member of Co-Ro, a Danish beverage company with global sales, and was amongst other things a part of the establishment of an audit committee.

Vibeke has, since 2021, been a part of the board of directors at November First A/S, a Danish fintech company.

Christian Dulong Hoff
Christian Dulong Hoff Board member
Christian Dulong Hoff has a master’s degree in political science from the University of Copenhagen and has had a long career in Danish and Norwegian business within energy and retail. Partly as CEO of 7-Eleven Denmark and in YX Energi Denmark and Norway, where major investment projects and a complete reorganization of the company was completed.

Today Christian is exclusively focused on investments in long-term assets as well as scale-up companies and board carrers, with chairmanships in Easytranslate A/S, Comadso A/S, Dulong Fine Jewelry A/S as well as a non-executive directorship in the Semler Group. He is the former chairman of Nordic Solar Management A/S.

Christian is an investor in Nordic Solar A/S.


The management cannot make investments without the Board having assessed and approved them. The Board is elected annually at the Annual General Assembly.

Nikolaj Holtet Hoff
Nikolaj Holtet HoffCEO
Nikolaj has more than 20 years of experience with investments as well as managing and operating businesses and has worked for AT Kearney, IC Companys, The Velux Group and SR Private Brands.

Nikolaj holds a Master of Economics from Copenhagen University and has in the last 16 years managed investment companies. In 2010, Nikolaj founded Nordic Solar Energy and he currently owns the majority of Nordic Solar Management A/S. Nikolaj is responsible for the day-to-day operations of Nordic Solar Energy, Nordic Solar Global and the management company.

Nikolaj is former board member in the Semler Group, Dulong Fine Jewelry, Unidrain, chairman of the board of Nørrebro Brewery, and Ticket to Heaven.

Nikolaj is also an investor in Nordic Solar Energy A/S and Nordic Solar Global A/S..

Anders Søgaard-Jensen
Anders Søgaard-Jensen Sales Director
Anders has more than 30 years of experience in investment, sales and corporate governance. He has a past as a stockbroker in BG Bank and Abn Amro. In addition, Anders has worked for IBM Denmark for many years.

Anders has a degree in market economics and has for the past 9 years been responsible for building Nordic Solar’s customer portfolio, IT infrastructure and communication. He shares the responsibility of the daily operation and management of Nordic Solar A / S.

Anders is an investor in Nordic Solar A / S.

Anders is a former board member of Nordic Solar Management A/S.

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