The Shareholders

“History shows that Nordic Solar has delivered good returns, they have been conservative in their budgeting, they have always come out better than expected, and then they are incredibly fair on the cost side.”

Kim René Pedersen, Partner, Curo Capital

“I feel great joy that Nordic Solar in 2019 has delivered green electricity to 43,000 households and that my investment in Nordic Solar has exceeded my financial expectations.”

Pernille Foss, Board member and shareholder

“Investments in solar energy are developing rapidly and, in my opinion, have the right mix of high returns, security and a manageable risk.”

Allan Feldt, CEO, Aqua d’or
“As an investor in solar energy, I place emphasis on a good return, risk diversification in the portfolio and competent management – that is why I have chosen to invest in Nordic Solar”
Per Thrane, Thrane & Thrane

“As a shareholder, we think responsibly and globally when it comes to our investments.”

Erik Juhler, CEO, Juhler Group
“I have invested in Nordic Solar because of their strategy, which is extremely focused, based on a winning technology and which at the same time has a fine risk diversification of solar parks”
Michael Moesgaard Andersen, adj. professor of strategy at CBS and entrepreneur
»Nordic Solar consists of proper, skilled and experienced people who look after the interests of investors. With many years of experience, they know the market in depth and know how to build and operate solar parks. “
Frederik Heegaard, Owner of Nørrebro Bryghus
Tommy Andersen aktionær

“Nordic Solar is a safe bastion in my investments and I perceive my investment in Nordic Solar as a very stable and long-term investment with low risk.”

Tommy Andersen, CEO, byFounders

»I chose Nordic Solar when I was tired of stocks and bonds running up and down. I needed a safe and stable investment. “

Jesper Ryby, CEO, Ryby Hårde Hvidevarer, Ryby A/S

Any type of investment carries a risk. General market fluctuations and external events may affect the development of market prices, which entails the risk of losing all or part of the investment.

Aros Forsikring GS

Per Thrane

Lars Thrane

Den Faberske Fond

Ejvind Sandal

Familien Aagaard

IMK Fondene

Andreas Kjærgaard

Familien Rosenkilde

Frederik Heegaard

Erik Juhler

Michael Moesgaard Andersen

Allan Feldt

Jan Overgaard

Jesper Aggerholm

Frank Schyberg

Marinus Boogert

Christian Dulong Hoff

Anders Søgaard-Jensen

Nikolaj Holtet Hoff

Jørn Ingemann Iversen

Jørgen Asger Nielsen

Aage Holt Knudsen

Bo Andersen

Kristian Skov Alanin

Klaus Johansen

Svend Blitskov

Jan Krustrup

Véronique og Christian
Havrehed Mourier

Claus Kjær Poulsen

Michael Bülow Nielsen

Steffen Baungaard

Steffen Bering Jensen

Torben Mortensen

Lars Skjoldmark Rasmussen

Hans-Jürgen Müller

Henrik Gram

Frederik Hastrup-Johansson

Troels Hammer

Ejvind. E. Sørensen

Jan Mølhave Pedersen

Jens Hald Mortensen

John Bach Petersen

Johnny Larsen

Klaus Søgaard

Lars Jensen

Per Seidelin

Sanne Fisker

Lise Rosegaard Thøgersen og Kim Kristensen Walber

Mads Holst

Klaus Vilstrup

Morten Per Varbaek Mortensen

Marianne og Jesper Nygart

Benthe Albertsen

Per Holm

Philip Bæk Christiansen

Peter Morell Hansen

Jakob Ferløv Greth

Søren Gundelach

Poul Bech Sørensen

Jesper Schierbeck-Hansen

Lars Priemé

Sven Krogstrup

Johannes Vilhelm Bjerg Madsen

Flemming Kozok Sørensen

Who can invest?

Nordic Solar has many different types of shareholders.
New capital comes from both private shareholders and asset managers, but also from companies and funds. Some invest through their company and others have chosen to put part of their shares in a pension deposit. On average, a shareholder in Nordic Solar has EUR 270,000-400,000 invested in solar energy.

The minimum investment is EUR 100,000.

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