Increased focus on biodiversity in all Nordic Solar’s solar parks:

Biodiverse solar park in Southern Jutland supplies green power to Skjern Paper

Demonstrating a new approach to biodiversity, Nordic Solar’s future solar park on Als will be supplying Denmark’s only paper mill, Skjern Paper, with green power. The solar park, which will be ready to deliver 33 MWp of sustainable energy later this year, is in the process of being established and is being laid out applying a new and innovative approach to biodiversity.

With its new and innovative focus on biodiversity, the future solar park on Als will be supplying Denmark’s only paper mill, Skjern Paper, with green power. As it is, the paper mill is working with circular economy and focuses, among other things, on recycling of all waste, a reduction of water consumption and waste heat, which covers more than half of Skjern Paper’s heating requirements.

With the help of Nordic Solar’s solar park on Als, the energy consumption will now also be based on green energy from the future plant in Lysabild. That fits in well with Skjern Paper’s ambitious sustainability policy.

“Skjern Paper wants to be the sustainable paper mill of the future, and we are working full steam on introducing climate-neutral factory operations throughout our food chain. With green energy from the solar park in Lysabild, we will reach an important milestone in relation to our circular economy ambitions, and we would like to thank Nordic Solar and our other business partners for making this happen,” says CEO Nikolaj Bjerre Thybo, Skjern Paper.

The agreement with Skjern Paper is the outcome of an innovative collaboration between Nordic Solar and EWII. Initiated and prepared by Energi Team and Our New Energy, the agreement reached has helped the parties enter into a unique power purchase agreement (PPA) with optimal risk allocation and based on a simple contract. The hope is that long-term power purchase agreements like this can alleviate the soaring need for green energy and form the basis for other companies looking to contribute to the green transition.

The establishment of the solar park in Lysabild on Als was launched at an event in May when the mayor of Sønderborg, Erik Lauritzen, cut the first sod for the solar park, which has a special focus on biodiversity.

Increased demand for green energy requires greater focus on nature
Demand for solar power is on an explosive increase and with the surge in demand comes at the same time a need for large areas of land where the solar parks can be located. Therefore, according to Nordic Solar, it is important to consider to the highest extent the biodiversity of the many future solar parks.

“Solar energy is developing rapidly, and more land areas will be needed to fulfil the need for green energy. That is why it is more important than ever that we assume responsibility in terms of biodiversity and dare to come up with new innovative solutions in both our new solar parks, but also those already established across Europe. Lysabild is just the beginning of the initiatives we are going to roll out in various locations. The possibilities are plenty when it comes to creating a healthy environment for plants, animals and insects, and intensive work is being done to implement this,” says Glenn Aagesen, COO of Nordic Solar.

New biodiversity standards
The solar park will be the first of its kind in Denmark and it is being built in collaboration with Mols Consulting, an advisory firm with many years of experience in nature management and environmental planning. Hedgerows will encircle the park, shielding it from public view, ponds will be re-established and cut tree trunks will be scattered around the solar cells to the benefit of various insects, fungi, and animals. According to Kåre Würtz Sørensen, a project consultant from Mols Consulting, the right solution has been achieved as the fewest resources are providing the greatest positive impact on nature:

“We are deploying a new mindset in our approach to biodiversity, where the identified and recommended actions are prioritized according to their effects on the financial and practical framework of the solar park. In other words, we should use the money and resources where the greatest gains are achieved for nature with the simplest and most cost-effective efforts. We must identify the actions that trigger the greatest synergy between the operation of the solar parks and nature – and then let nature do its work, because that is how we create the greatest success.”

In addition to the cooperation with Skjern Paper and EWII, the solar park is established in collaboration with Our New Energy and Energi Team as well as Sparekassen Kronjylland as a construction financing partner, and Mols Consulting, which is responsible for the biodiversity project related to the Lysabild solar park.

Further information
Nordic Solar
Camilla Rose, Head of Communication & Sustainability
Tel. +45 28 19 29 09, [email protected]

Skjern Paper
CEO Nikolaj Bjerre Thybo
Tel. + +45 40 40 92 02

EWII Group
Anya Palm, Public Relations and Press Manager
Tel. +45 51 15 25 55

About Skjern Paper A/S
Skjern Paper is Denmark’s only paper mill and, since 1967, it has produced sustainable quality products made by 100% recycled paper for the European packaging and paper industry. Skjern Paper has been owned by Buur Invest and a few executives since 2005.

About EWII
The group is headquartered in the Triangle Region, supplying electricity, water, heat and fibre networks. In addition, we sell electricity, broadband, heat pumps and charging stations and provide energy advice to customers across the country. We are helping shape the future of the energy industry and play an important role in developing the smart solutions and flexible energy systems of the future to ensure optimal use of green technologies. We take responsibility and show foresight when investing in the development of our common society. With more than 500 employees, EWII is one of the Triangle Region’s largest private sector employers.

About Energi Team ApS
Energi Team is Denmark’s largest independent energy broker. Since 2011, Energi Team has helped Danish companies optimize their energy agreements. This work now also includes providing assistance with concluding the relatively complicated PPAs. 

About Our New Energy A/S
Our New Energy is an advisory company headquartered in Aarhus and with offices in Spain and Italy. Since Our New Energy was established in 2016, the company has gained a leading market position in PPA consulting and has to date acted as sole adviser on PPAs of more than 4.5 GW across Europe. 

About Mols Consulting – Natur & Miljø ApS
Mols Consulting is a small advisory firm that advises primarily in matters relating to planning, biodiversity, nature and the environment. The firm assists clients all over Denmark. Our profile is particularly aimed at municipalities and public authorities, but we also service individuals, companies, associations, educational institutions, etc. The firm originates from Mols and is situated at the top of the national park called Mols Bjerge. We work in particular with local business partners, and our inspiration comes from the surrounding hills, forests and coasts.

About Nordic Solar A/S
Nordic Solar is a solar energy company which develops, builds and operates solar parks on an industrial scale across Europe. The company, which is located in Copenhagen, is owned by more than 650 shareholders and employs 60 employees of 8 different nationalities. Since Nordic Solar was established in 2010, the company has focused on sustainable solar energy delivering returns to the company’s shareholders and green electricity to end users. Today, Nordic Solar owns solar parks with a total capacity of 326 MWp across Europe.

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