Employee at Nordic Solar

Gain insight into what you will be working for at
Nordic Solar and what we offer you as a workplace.

Employee at Nordic Solar

Gain insight into what you will be working for at
Nordic Solar and what we offer you as a workplace.

What you are working for

Nordic Solar is based on the ambition to produce green energy to the benefit of both businesses and consumers by applying a responsible and scalable business model that contributes to growth of and potential for new investments in solar park projects.


Our mission is to make everyone benefit from solar energy. We see the sun as an important part of the solution when it comes to the future energy supply, and, as a community, we must, on a global level, stop using fossil fuels for our power production. By producing much more solar energy, we contribute to providing green electricity to an increasing number of private households and businesses.


Our vision is to be the leading solar energy company in the Nordic countries. We have a commercial ambition to promote solar energy, and we have decided that our business will focus exclusively on solar energy. Consequently, solar energy is our area of expertise, and our strong team of skilled employees know the market, the industry and the technology.


We base our business as well as our workplace on four core values:

  • Thoroughness
  • Openness
  • Honesty
  • Work-life balance

What we offer you as an employee

We also have high ambitions when it comes to being an attractive workplace. In practice, this means that we give priority to offering attractive terms. This applies, for example, to our maternity/paternity scheme, which gives both parents equal opportunity to take leave with pay and the option to return from leave at reduced hours for a certain period at full pay. In addition, we offer our employees a number of specific benefits.

Moreover, there has to be ample opportunity to strengthen the professional and social relations across our organisation. The professional relations become stronger when we go on staff seminars together, and in terms of our social staff relations, we have our summer party and Christmas lunch, just as we have Friday afternoon get-togethers playing table football and having fun. Our staff association offers several events during the year, which helps create team spirit and ensure nice experiences with your colleagues.

  • Health insurance
  • Attractive maternity/paternity scheme for mothers and fathers
  • Massage scheme subsidised by the company 
  • Functional training with an instructor
  • Staff seminars
  • Social events such as Friday afternoon get-togethers, summer parties and Christmas lunches