New solar park in Højby to be a biodiversity lighthouse

Nordic Solar A/S is establishing a new large solar park in Højby, which will focus on biodiversity and will set a precedent for future solar parks in terms of the surrounding nature. Denmark is in urgent need of more solar energy, and Odense Municipality is pleased that the solar park will contribute to meeting the Municipality’s ambitious climate action plan.

In November 2022, the Danish solar energy company Nordic Solar will turn the first sod for a new solar park in Højby on Funen. Focusing particularly on biodiversity, the solar park will have an annual capacity of 32 MWp and will supply the equivalent of 11,000 households or a number of companies with green electricity.

Hedgerows will encircle the solar park in Højby, shielding it from public view, ponds will be re-established and cut tree trunks will be scattered around the solar cells to the benefit of various insects and animals.

Supporting Odense’s ambitious climate goals
The expansion of the green energy grid is part of Odense Municipality’s green transition strategy. The Municipality is very pleased with the establishment of the new Funen solar park:

“We are delighted that a solar park will be established in Højby, which will support Odense’s green transition. Especially at a time when we are currently facing extra pressure on our energy supply. It is important that we create an even larger production that can generate green energy”, says Søren Windell (from the Conservative party), who is Deputy Mayor of the Department of Culture, Sport, and Urban Development in Odense Municipality. He is supported by Tim Vermund (from the Social Democratic party), Deputy Mayor of the Department of Climate and Environment: “We have great ambitions for the green transition in Odense, and all city council parties support the agreement that Odense must be climate neutral by 2030. The new solar park in Højby will contribute to that. And, of course, I am pleased that the project is focusing on biodiversity so that the solar park will also benefit wildlife,” says Tim Vermund.

High demand for solar energy requiring focus on biodiversity
The demand for solar power is constantly increasing at a significant rate, but with the heavy demand
comes a concurrent need for huge areas of land. And, according to Nordic Solar, this calls for
biodiversity in all future solar parks:

“Even though it will only require two per cent of Denmark’s agricultural land to cover the entire country’s electricity consumption by solar energy, nature must of course be part of the equation when we build solar parks, and therefore we must consider biodiversity to an even greater extent than before. We are currently completing a solar park on Als with a focus on biodiversity, and the experience and thoughts of that process are taken into consideration in this project here on Funen. We believe and hope that the solar park in Højby will become a beacon and an example of how to include one’s high ambitions for biodiversity in the construction of solar parks. We have several opportunities for creating a healthy environment for plants, animals, and insects, and we are integrating this perspective into all our future solar parks wherever possible,” says Glenn Aagesen, COO at Nordic Solar.

Højby the first stage of total investment of more than 150 EURm
The solar park in Højby is established in collaboration with GreenGo Energy Group, which together with Nordic Solar aims for a portfolio of more than 250 MWp, corresponding to an investment of more than 150 EURm over the next three to five years:

“We are proud to be able to contribute to the green transition and are pleased with the partnership with Nordic Solar. We expect a lot from the collaboration and will start building the solar park in Højby in November, which is the first stage of the agreement,” says Karsten Nielsen, CEO of GreenGo Energy.

The work on the solar park in Højby will commence in November 2022, and the solar park is expected to be ready for operation in 2023.

In addition to the collaboration with GreenGo Energy, the solar park will be established with the assistance of the consulting company Mols Consulting, which is responsible for the biodiversity work in the solar park.

For more information, please contact:
Head of Communication & Sustainability,
Camilla Rose, Nordic Solar A/S
Tel. +45 28 19 29 09, [email protected]

Deputy Mayor for the Department of Culture,
Sport and Urban Development
Søren Windell, Odense Municipality
Tel. +45 30 70 36 93

Deputy Mayor of the Department of Climate and Environment
Tim Vermund, Odense Municipality
Tel. +45 40 22 88 75

About Nordic Solar A/S:
Nordic Solar is a solar energy company which develops, builds, and operates solar parks on an industrial scale across Europe. The company is located in Copenhagen, is owned by approx. 700 shareholders, and employs 65 employees of 8 different nationalities. Since Nordic Solar was established in 2010, the company has focused on sustainable solar energy delivering returns to the company’s shareholders and green electricity to end users and companies. Nordic Solar has invested a total of 670 EURm in solar parks throughout Europe.

About GreenGo Energy Group A/S
GreenGo Energy was founded in 2011 with the vision of accelerating transition to renewable energy production through an innovative and scalable business model. GreenGo Energy’s 360-degree full-service platform includes origination, development, decommissioning, engineering, procurement, construction management, operations, and maintenance services, fully tailored to customers’ needs and investment profiles. GreenGo Energy now has more than 6.5 GWp of solar and energy projects at various stages of development and construction in selected US states and Northern Europe, of which more than 1.7 GWp has achieved full funding through partnership agreements with tier 1 investors in renewable energy.

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