Nordic Solar Adds Two New Solar Parks to its Swedish Projects

Nordic Solar, which has operations in 12 European countries, is expanding its activities in Sweden. The Danish solar energy company is extending its collaboration with Swedish solar park devel-oper Helios Nordic Energy AB about the development of two new solar parks in Sweden. This implies that the overall number of solar park projects together with Helios Nordic Energy will be six parks with a total capacity of 267 MWp

Nordic Solar has entered into yet another agreement with Swedish solar park developer Helios Nordic Energy AB about the development of two new solar parks in Sweden with a total capacity of 83 MWp. The agreement on the two new projects implies that Nordic Solar’s total number of solar park projects, together with Helios Nordic Energy, in Sweden is six parks with a total capacity slightly over 267 MWp.

One of the new projects will be established near Örebro and has an estimated capacity of 43 MWp. The other project will be established in Gotland and has an estimated capacity of 40 MWp. Collectively, the two new solar parks will provide electricity equivalent to the consumption of about 11,500 Swedish households to either consumers or businesses.

“We are very pleased with our new agreement with Helios Nordic Energy AB on the development of yet another two solar parks in Sweden. We consider Sweden to be an important region for the development and production of solar energy, and through our successful cross-border collaboration on the establishment of additional solar parks, we can help boost the production of renewable energy in the Nordic countries,” says CEO of Nordic Solar, Nikolaj Holtet Hoff.

Ambitions of Rapid Progress in Sweden

Nordic Solar, which develops, builds and operates industrial solar parks in 12 European countries, has just completed the development process of two southern Swedish solar parks in Hultsfred and Medinge, and is now embarking on two new projects in Sweden in addition to the other two projects which have been planned in southern Sweden:

“Nordic Solar maintains a fast pace, and our driving ambition is to progress rapidly in Sweden. Green energy is in great demand, also in the Nordic countries, and we are pleased to help create the generation capacity which will accelerate the green transformation. The fast pace is one of the results of our close collaboration with our Swedish project development partner, Helios Nordic Energy,” Nikolaj Holtet Hoff explains.

In the opinion of Helios Nordic Energy, the two parties have succeeded in creating a good, effective partnership:

“We are very pleased with the fast pace of our partnership with Nordic Solar, which is a great match to Helios Nordic Energy both in terms of ambitions and competencies. We look forward to collaborating on the development of the two new solar park projects in Sweden, which will strengthen the green energy production for the benefit of both Swedish electricity customers and the climate,” says Andreas Tunbjer, Managing Director of Helios Nordic Energy AB.

The two new solar parks near Örebro and in Gotland are expected to be ready in 2027 and 2028, respectively. Nordic Solar’s other solar parks in southern Sweden are expected to be ready for operation in 2024, 2025 and 2026.

Facts about the two new Swedish solar parks:


  • Located in Örebro
  • Capacity: 43 MWp, corresponding to the annual consumption of 5,627 Swedish households
  • Area: 57 hectares
  • Expected to be ready in 2027

The Bridge

  • Located in Gotland
  • Capacity: 40 MWp, corresponding to the annual consumption of 5,866 Swedish households
  • Area: 58 hectares
  • Expected to be ready in 2028

About Nordic Solar A/S
Nordic Solar is a Danish solar energy company which develops, builds and operates solar parks on an industrial scale across Europe. Since its establishment in 2010, the need and the market for green energy have increased sharply, and Nordic Solar intends to play a key role in the green transition. The company is owned by approx. 700 shareholders and employs more than 80 employees. Today, Nordic Solar operates solar parks with a total capacity of 359 MWp across Europe and has a portfolio of planned development projects of more than 1.8 GW.

About Helios Nordic Energy AB
Helios Nordic Energy AB is one of Sweden’s and the Nordic countries’ leading developers of solar energy with a project pipeline exceeding 5,5 GW. In the past year, Helios has completed five transactions with recognized investors. A total of 15 large solar systems will be delivered within the next few years with an expected total capacity of approx. 620 MWp and an estimated investment value of approx. SEK 4 billion. To date, four projects, with a total capacity of 150 MWp, have been handed over to investors after reaching the RTB phase (Ready To Build). Helios has started the construction of its first solar park, which is located in the Municipality of Västerås.

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