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Nordic Solar Completes Development Process
for Two Solar Parks in Southern Sweden

Nordic Solar has completed the development process for two new solar parks in southern Swe-den after the necessary permits have been obtained. The solar parks in Hultsfred and Medinge are the first two out of a total of four parks that the Danish solar energy company has planned for the region. Together, the two solar parks will generate over 113 MWp of solar power. Nordic Solar emphasises the close collaboration across Denmark and Sweden as an important element of the rapid roll-out of solar energy.

Nordic Solar, which operates in 12 European countries, has completed the development process for two solar parks in southern Sweden. Therefore, Nordic Solar is now ready to start planning the construction of the two solar parks. This is the next step after having obtained the necessary permits. The two solar parks in Hultsfred and Medinge near Örebro are the first of a total of four solar parks that Nordic Solar plans to establish in the region.

“Nordic Solar is growing rapidly, and it is gratifying that the first important phase has been completed, so we can begin planning the construction of new solar parks. that will contribute to the green transition from fossil to sustainable solar energy. The need has been reinforced by the current global energy crisis and geopolitical situation, which speed up the process of establish-ing good and lasting solutions for the future energy supply,” says Nikolaj Holtet Hoff, CEO of Nordic Solar.

Green Transition Extends Beyond National Borders
The acquisitions of the areas in Sweden were made in collaboration with Helios Nordic Energy, which helped obtain the necessary permits and conclude a grid connection agreement with the energy distributors Linde Energi and E.ON. According to Nikolaj Holtet Hoff, the Danish-Swedish collaboration has been key to getting the projects ready:

“In Denmark, we are relatively far on in terms of solar energy and can, for instance, help Sweden to set up solar parks that stimulate the green transition. There is an enormous demand for green energy, and by cooperating across national borders we get a chance to accelerate the devel-opment. I would like to thank Helios for our good collaboration, which we look forward to con-tinuing in connection with the next Swedish solar parks we have planned,”” says Nikolaj Holtet Hoff.

Helios is also happy with the cooperation across the Baltic Sea: “We must roll out green energy in the Nordics as soon as possible, and therefore it is good news when we get such good part-nerships up and running. Since we started this project last summer, we have enjoyed a fruitful collaboration with Nordic Solar on, for example, the design of the solar parks. We look forward to continuing the collaboration on the next two solar parks,” says Andreas Tunbjer, who is CEO at Helios Nordic Energy.

The two solar parks, named Opera (Medinge) and Maple Hill (Hultsfred), are part of a joint co-operation agreement with Helios Nordic Energy on the establishment of four solar parks in southern Sweden. When ready, the four solar parks will generate energy for businesses and households. The total estimated capacity corresponds to the annual electricity consumption of approx. 23,000 households.

The solar parks in southern Sweden are expected to be completed in 2024, 2025 and 2026.

Facts about Nordic Solar’s two Swedish solar parks

Maple Hill

  • Located close to Hultsfred Airport in southern Sweden
  • Estimated production capacity of up to 92 MWp
  • One of Sweden’s largest, planned solar park projects
  • A grid connection agreement has been concluded with E.ON.


  • Located in Medinge, north of Örebro
  • Estimated production capacity of up to 21 MWp
  • The project has been developed very quickly as it has taken less than a year to obtain the necessary permits
  • A grid connection agreement has been concluded with the local electricity company Linde Energi.

For more information, please contact:
Camilla Rose, Head of Communication & Sustainability, Nordic Solar A/S
Tel. +45 28 19 29 09, [email protected]

About Nordic Solar A/S
Nordic Solar is a Danish solar energy company which develops, builds and operates solar parks on an industrial scale across Europe. Since its establishment in 2010, the need and the market for green energy have increased sharply, and Nordic Solar intends to play a key role in the green transition. The company is owned by approx. 700 shareholders and employs more than 80 employees. Today, Nordic Solar operates solar parks with a total capacity of 359 MWp across Europe and has a portfolio of planned development projects of more than 1,8 GW.

About Helios Nordic Energy AB
Helios Nordic Energy AB is one of Sweden’s and the Nordic countries’ leading developers of solar energy with a project pipeline exceeding 4.3 GW. In the past year, Helios has completed five transactions with recognised investors. A total of 15 large solar systems will be delivered within the next few years with an expected total capacity of approx. 620 MWp and an estimat-ed investment value of approx. SEK 4 billion. To date, four projects, with a total capacity of 150 MWp, have been handed over to investors after reaching the RTB phase (Ready To Build). Heli-os has started building its first solar park, which is located in the Municipality of Västerås.

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