Nordic Solar is now a member of Solar Power Europe.

Nordic Solar has become a member of the European industry organization, SolarPower Europe. SolarPower Europe has more than 300 members spanning the solar energy sector across over 40 different countries. The mission of this European industry organization is to make solar energy the primary energy source in Europe by 2030, a goal that aligns well with Nordic Solar’s own mission to promote solar energy for the benefit of all.

“We have chosen to become part of the European industry community as a member of SolarPower Europe because we consider it incredibly important to have a common foundation in Europe for promoting more solar energy as part of the transition to renewable energy. We need to closely monitor developments and legislation both on a national level and within the EU, where many decisions affecting the energy sector are made. Additionally, being part of the industry community in SolarPower Europe allows us to collaborate in seeking influence and advancing the industry. Solar energy is on the rise, and there, we can share experiences across European countries and set a common direction. It’s not only an advantage for those of us in the industry but also for all businesses and consumers who rely on energy, and especially for the climate in the long run,” says Nikolaj Holtet Hoff, CEO of Nordic Solar.

Read more about Solar Power Europe here; SolarPower Europe

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