Nordic Solar enters into PPAs with Fuzion, Fipros and EWII

 Nordic Solar, which builds and operates solar parks in Denmark and the rest of Europe, has entered into power purchase agreements (PPAs) with three companies about their purchase of solar energy power from Højby solar park near Odense on Funen. The agreements with Fuzion, Fipros and EWII will provide the three companies with green power for periods of 10 to 11 years. Højby solar park opens on 15 August.

 Nordic Solar, which will inaugurate Højby solar park near Odense on 15 August, has entered into PPAs on the supply of green power to three Danish companies. The solar park, which has been established with a special focus on biodiversity, will supply Fuzion, Fipros and EWII with green energy at a fixed price over a 10-year period for Fuzion and Fipros, and an 11-year period for EWII. Nordic Solar expects to find additional off-takers for the remaining capacity in the near future.

PPAs are key to green transition

Nordic Solar's large, new solar park on the Danish island of Funen will contribute to greener energy consumption. Construction of the solar park began in November last year and has been focused on increasing biodiversity. The capacity of Højby solar park is 32 MWp, and with the new agreements in place, the solar park will supply the three companies with green power. The demand for solar energy is constantly increasing, and Nordic Solar is glad to be able to contribute to the green transition of several companies:

"At Nordic Solar, we want to help more Danish enterprises use renewable energy and strengthen their green efforts. We appreciate the visionary organisations that want to help enhance the green transition, and therefore, we are incredibly pleased to have entered into a new agreement with Fuzion, Fipros and EWII. We would like to thank the companies as well as the advisers from Our New Energy and EWII, who have helped finalise the agreements, for contributing to a successful collaboration on the concluded power purchase agreements," says CIO at Nordic Solar, Holger Bang.

More sustainable IT operations for Fuzion customers

The new PPA with Fuzion, which commences on 1 January 2025 at the latest, comprises an annual purchase of 13 GWh, or approximately one third of Højby solar park's total production capacity of 32 MWp. To Fuzion, located in Skanderborg, which supplies data centre infrastructure to customers with business-critical IT systems, the agreement is a natural part of the company's ambition of more sustainable IT operations:

"IT operations encompass a number of invisible environmental impacts which we have a strong desire to reduce. In part because we have an ambition to contribute to the green transition, but also because we see an increasing demand from our customers for being able to choose green power. Our new agreement with Nordic Solar and Højby solar park implies that we can now, to a greater extent, meet these demands," says CEO of Fuzion, Christian Holm Christensen.

Green power an important part of responsible consumption and production at Fipros

With the new 10-year agreement, Fipros, a Funen-based contract manufacturer of food and food ingredients, will purchase 3.9 GWh, or 10 per cent, of Højby solar park's total production capacity. The agreement with Nordic Solar will contribute to realising the Danish company's ambition of a greener profile:

"Social responsibility is the foundation of our management priorities, and we have a strong desire to reduce our climate footprint. Therefore, we are also incredibly pleased with the agreement with Nordic Solar, which especially contributes to our mission and priority area of responsible consumption and production," says Conny Twisttmann, CEO at Fipros.

Fruitful collaboration on PPAs

The Højby solar park PPAs have been drafted in a collaboration between Nordic Solar and the energy group EWII, which is a supplier of electricity, water, district heating and fibre network. EWII shares Nordic Solar's ambition of accelerating the green transition:

"We are very pleased with our collaboration with Nordic Solar, and that we have been chosen to be part of the project and constituting a safe link between the producer and the off-takers. Increasing the number of PPAs is of considerable benefit to the green transition and, as such, it feels great to be able to support the companies in converting their electricity consumption to more environmentally friendly power," says Louise Knutsson, Lead Analyst at EWII.

The energy group is itself one of the three new off-takers of the energy produced by the solar park in Højby. EWII has entered into an 11-year agreement for 12 per cent of the solar park's capacity, corresponding to 5 GWh per year. Thus, EWII has secured the supply of green power to other entities of the group.

In addition to its cooperation with Fuzion, Fipros and EWII, Nordic Solar has collaborated with the consulting company Our New Energy on the conclusion of the PPAs. Højby solar park is built in cooperation with GreenGo Energy and Mols Consulting, which have helped establish the solar park with a special focus on biodiversity.

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