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New times demand new thinking on energy

The crisis has demonstrated the urgent need to boost supplies from every source Right up until the first shots of World War 1 were fired, many Europeans did not believe that a conflict between the Great Powers was possible. The ties of trade, investment and culture, and even the close family connections between the monarchies [...]

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Commenting On Price Cap Plans

With the European Commission having called an Extraordinary Energy Council meeting, Nord Pool has some concerns around the Commission’s proposal to establish a price cap for inframarginal technologies in coupled electricity markets. While it is reassuring that the Commission ruled out disruptive measures such as full market suspension, as a leading European energy market we [...]

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Nordic Solar: new solar park in Portugal is ready

Nordic Solar, the Danish energy company, is expanding its portfolio with a new solar park in Portugal. The solar park, Ínsua, covers 80 hectares in southeastern Portugal and will provide electricity to approximately 35,000 homes. In fact, the Iberian Peninsula has a high demand for solar energy. Source: Read the whole article here

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Europe Leads on ESG Policy

Countries are on the hook more than ever to tackle runaway greenhouse gas emissions and to encourage private sector actors to do the same. Underpinning these emission reductions is the policy suite each nation offers to implement its agenda, with a large portion of these policies specifically focused on measuring and communicating the climate impact [...]

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