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Nordic Solar reports 55 per cent growth in the third quarter

In the third quarter of 2022, Danish Nordic Solar, which builds and operates solar parks throughout Europe, has increased its revenue by 55 per cent and EBITDA by 63 per cent compared to last year. The solar energy company has already achieved its objective for the whole of 2022 of a pipeline of projects of 1,750 MWp. During the past quarter, Nordic Solar has, among other things, focussed on commissioning a solar park in Lysabild with a special focus on biodiversity and plans to establish more solar parks based on the same model. Nordic Solar maintains its financial expectations for 2022.

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New solar park in Højby to be a biodiversity lighthouse

Nordic Solar A/S is establishing a new large solar park in Højby, which will focus on biodiversity and will set a precedent for future solar parks in terms of the surrounding nature. Denmark is in urgent need of more solar energy, and Odense Municipality is pleased that the solar park will contribute to meeting the Municipality’s ambitious climate action plan.

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Challenges on the Swedish electricity market

Taking into account the crisis processes in the global energy sphere and the audience’s interest in studying this issue, GOLAW invited the leading energy expert Markus Mårline – a lawyer, partner of the Swedish law firm Advokatbyrån Sigeman & Co, to talk about the Swedish electricity market, its prospects and challenges. Source: Read [...]

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New times demand new thinking on energy

The crisis has demonstrated the urgent need to boost supplies from every source Right up until the first shots of World War 1 were fired, many Europeans did not believe that a conflict between the Great Powers was possible. The ties of trade, investment and culture, and even the close family connections between the monarchies [...]

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Commenting On Price Cap Plans

With the European Commission having called an Extraordinary Energy Council meeting, Nord Pool has some concerns around the Commission’s proposal to establish a price cap for inframarginal technologies in coupled electricity markets. While it is reassuring that the Commission ruled out disruptive measures such as full market suspension, as a leading European energy market we [...]

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Nordic Solar reports strong H1 performance

The Danish company Nordic Solar, which builds and operates solar parks across Europe, has improved its revenue by 75 per cent compared to the same period last year. Accelerating production capacity with three brand new solar parks contributes to the energy company's revenue of DKK 283 million in the first six months of the [...]

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