Sustainable investments

Europe Leads on ESG Policy

Countries are on the hook more than ever to tackle runaway greenhouse gas emissions and to encourage private sector actors to do the same. Underpinning these emission reductions is the policy suite each nation offers to implement its agenda, with a large portion of these policies specifically focused on measuring and communicating the climate impact [...]

Renewable energy can « leapfrog » existing energy models

The International Energy Agency (IEA) said the per-watt cost of solar electricity finally fell below fossil fuels last year. By 2025, the renewables sector is expected to hit $1.5 trillion value, up 61% from $928 billion in 2017. After that, renewables will have achieved a firm footing in regular society. Growth will be exponential. Source: [...]

Impact investments: a call for (re)orientation

Practitioners and academics have been using different terms to describe investments in the sustainability context. The latest inflationary term is impact investments—investments that focus on real-world changes in terms of solving social challenges and/or mitigating ecological degradation. At the core of this definition is an emphasis on transformational changes. Source: Read the whole article [...]

EU Green Bond Standard

The European Green Deal of 11 December 2019 underlined the need for long-term signals to direct financial and capital flows to green investments. It announced that the Commission will present a renewed sustainable finance strategy in the third quarter of 2020, focusing on a number of actions, including making it easier for investors to identify sustainable investments and ensuring [...]

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