Nordic Solar is gearing up the organisation for growth with a strong focus on the People & Culture area. Tina Mose is joining the company’s Management as CPO (Chief People Officer) and will lead the continued build-up and scaling of an organisation whose goal is to construct a generation capacity of 1 GWp of new solar parks annually from 2025.

It is a role that Tina Mose, who brings solid experience, has been looking very much forward to taking on:

“Nordic Solar is about to grow and strengthen the organisation in terms of employees, and I am looking forward to taking on the very exciting task of building a People & Culture organisation to help integrate the processes necessary to scale the company,” says Tina Mose, CPO at Nordic Solar.

Must prepare the organisation for growth
Tina Mose comes from a position as HR Director of the DIY chain STARK and has previously held key roles such as HR Director of the Falck Group and CHRO of LanguageWire, where she was also responsible for People & Culture, focusing on steering the organisation well through change and rapid development. She sees it as her principal task to provide a strong foundation as the organisation grows at a rapid pace:

“It is not only the growth targets that are ambitious at Nordic Solar. We also have high ambitions about working in a more sustainable direction in everything we do. This is not least true in terms of building and leading the organisation. Nordic Solar works on a strong value basis and is characterised by great employee commitment. We need to maintain that while we grow and develop the organisation. I see it as one of my most important tasks to ensure Nordic Solar’s strong employee commitment and the individual employee’s experience of being able to develop while making it fun to go to work,” says Tina Mose.

One of the things she is most eagerly anticipating is getting to know all her new colleagues. CEO of Nordic Solar, Nikolaj Holtet Hoff, has also been looking forward to onboarding Tina Mose:

“We are thrilled to welcome Tina as our new CPO, and there is no doubt that the entire People & Culture area is incredibly important to Nordic Solar’s growth strategy. We have great ambitions, including having a good workplace where our employees feel they are able to develop and make a difference and where they thrive. Tina is to help achieve this goal, and she brings the necessary experience, a solid background and insight which is valuable when we, in the years to come, intend to seriously accelerate the construction of our own solar parks and strengthen the entire organisation,” says CEO Nikolaj Holtet Hoff.

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