Biodiversity at Nordic Solar

It is Nordic Solar’s ambition to implement biodiversity initiatives in more solar park projects with respect for local nature and the environment.

Biodiversity in our solar parks

At Nordic Solar, we design, develop and build our own solar projects. This means that we can implement a holistic approach to biodiversity in our solar park design.

By incorporating elements to restore nature from the beginning of the project, we can consider the local fauna and vegetation part of the design and construction of our solar parks. For example by surrounding the solar parks with living fences, doubling as wildlife habitats and gives neighbours a view of nature instead of solar panels.

We have collaborated with external local specialists with many years of experience in biodiversity. This is done to ensure both the right implementation for the solar park and the local environment, but also to make sure that we can measure the effect of the different biodiversity initiatives over time.

In the long term, we, humbly but realistically, expect these biodiversity initiatives to contribute positively to nature and the local environment.

Solar energy is rapidly advancing, and there is a need to incorporate more land areas to meet the demand for green energy. Therefore, it is more important than ever that we take responsibility for biodiversity and dare to think in new innovative solutions in both our new solar parks and the ones we have already established throughout Europe. Lysabild is just the beginning of the effort we will expend. We have numerous opportunities to create a healthy environment for plants, animals and insects, and we are actively implementing them

– Glenn Aagesen, COO

Nordic Solar’s first solar park with a focus on nature restoration and biodiversity

Lysabild solar park was built in 2022 and is the first solar park in which we have incorporated a focus on nature restoration from the beginning. Visit the Lysabild page to learn more about the solar park and the biodiversity initiatives we have implemented in the park.